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A special thanks goes to anychart, who made it possible for us to represent this interactive charts to you

If your browser is not able to build the charts, you can get the raw data as a pdf here.

SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19: Data sets and downloads

ATTENTION: Due to the amount of data, this page has a longer loading time!

Here you can view the pdf files with the raw data directly in the browser. Alternatively, you can also select the data in the drop-down menu above. In contrast to the frames on this page, a new browser window or browser tab opens.

Information about the origin of the data You can find in the "Links" section.

Attention! Change od data sources!

Since we attach great importance to secure data for our Corona Tracker and want to publish reliable figures, we have decided to carry out the future updates in the evening hours. Better to publish a late update with traceable data than incorrect numbers.
Reason for the change: Since AGES took over the official dashboard, the data is not made available as open data every full hour as usual, the updates only come very irregularly and the counting method has also been changed, we have decided to switch the data sources. We want to provide comprehensible and transparent data and make it easier to understand through visualizations; we feel obliged to do this to our meanwhile numerous visitors.
For traceability, we are happy to announce our data sources again here.
Sozialministerium.at Federal state data case numbers in each case data interval from 08:00 a.m., the remaining data with data status 09:30 a.m. The sums of the data are used for both the nationwide and the federal state-specific case numbers. The data always has the specified time stamp every day, even if it is not published until much later.
AGES data: These data are used for the district case numbers, bed occupancy / capacity and the age distribution. As already mentioned, all other figures are taken from the sum of the federal state data ...
The international data will continue to be obtained from the ECDC as usual, this update will - if time is possible - be imported separately earlier, but at the latest with the figures for Austria on our website.

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Data sets used on this web site
    Austria general data

    Austria districts

    Austria - federal provinces general data

    Austria - federal provinces hospitalizations

    Austria age distributions

    Data set worldwide

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