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A special thanks goes to anychart, who made it possible for us to represent this interactive charts to you

If your browser is not able to build the charts, you can get the raw data as a pdf here.


Here we want to give you basic information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus or Covid-19.

Since this page is a living page and is constantly being changed or expanded, this link list will be supplemented if necessary.

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Anychart || Software and Viewer for the charts || https://www.anychart.com
The interactive diagrams that you see on this website were created with the software libraries from Anychart. This software is very extensive and offers the web designer an immense number of possibilities for the graphic processing of the data, but also an interactive experience for the visitor. At this point, we would like to thank the marketing department at Anychart, who kindly provided us with a license for their software to realize this project.

ViewerJS || Viewer for embedded PDF-Files || https://www.viewerjs.org
This software is a browser and platform-independent file viewer, which enables PDF and Office files to be embedded directly in an HTML page and viewed without additional software. Among other things, these script libraries are used to list the legal texts.

Mozilla PDF JS || Viewer for PDF-Files || https://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/getting_started/
Firefox users will be familiar with this viewer, the software is used natively as a plug-in in the Firefox browser. This is also a browser and platform-independent PDF viewer, which does its work here on this page in the dropdown menu for the downloads. Not embedded, but as an independent browser tab, but with a little more options.

Matomo || Stats for Pageviews || https://matomo.org
In order to continuously improve and optimize a website, it is important for a web developer to know how frequented the website is and which pages are particularly popular or which pages arouse little interest. The Matomo software provides exactly this information. And that in compliance with the GDPR, i.e. all user data is evaluated anonymously and also discarded with the evaluation. In this way, the site operator receives information relevant to him and the privacy of the user is preserved.

Data sources:

Open Data Austria || Dat sourcenfor the epid. data for A || https://data.gv.at/covid-19/
The data that we process are exclusively public figures. The epidemiological data for Austria come from the BMSGPK, which are made available via the Open Data Portal Austria.

AGES, TU Graz || Data for R0 || https://www.ages.at/
The data for the R0 are calculated by the Graz University of Technology due to the complexity of the type of calculation, the data are offered by AGES for direct download. These data are updated once a week.

Ministry of Social Affairs || Federal state data || https://www.sozialministerium.at/Informationen-zum-Coronavirus/Neuartiges-Coronavirus-(2019-nCov).html
On this page, the Ministry of Social Affairs provides the detailed data for positive cases, recoveries, deaths and hospitalizations for the federal states. The ministry updates these data once a day (usually in the morning). We use this data for our federal states section.

RIS || Legal texts || https://www.ris.bka.gv.at
The federal legal information system basically makes laws, ordinances and decrees publicly available. State law, municipal law and judicature can also be accessed via this platform.

Open Data EU || Database for international data || https://data.europa.eu
The data for the international charts on this website come from the "Open Data Portal of the EU". The page belongs to the website of europ. Union and among other things there are also the data from the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), which also collects global data on the Covid-19 pandemic and makes it available via this platform. The ECDC website can be found at https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en

Eurostat || Statistical Office of the European Union || https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/
The statistical data for the weekly deaths used on this website are available in a database at Eurostat, the official statistical office of the European Union.

Statistik Austria || Federal Statistics Austria || https://data.statistik.gv.at/web/catalog.jsp
The Federal Statistical Office of Austria (Statistics Austria for short) also has a database with a wide variety of data sets. We use the values of the population figures for the federal states and the districts from this database.

Statista || Statistics worldwide || https://de.statista.com/statistik/info/
Statista is an international company specialized in data sets and statistics with offices in several countries. A wide variety of data sets on various topics are offered. We use the data of the population of the age groups, which is necessary for the calculation of the cases per age group per 10,000 inhabitants.


Open Data Austria || https://www.data.gv.at/anwendungen/covid-19-visualisierungen/
The Open Data website Austria (data.gv.at) has also listed iConcepts as an application, which among other things Data processed from the open data portal.

Open Data EU || https://data.europa.eu/euodp/de/apps
Here You can find the apps that use the data of the europ. Use Union. Our project is also listed on this official site of the European Commission.

Anychart || Weekly blog of the software company || https://www.anychart.com/blog/2020/06/12/
Anychart, whose software we use to create the diagrams, publishes a blog every week where the most interesting projects are presented. For us as a private project, it is an honor to be named and presented here alongside well-known names such as "National Geographic", "New York Times" and other "Big Players".

Anychart || Interview || https://www.anychart.com/blog/
Here is a link to an interview that was carried out a few weeks after our website was published in the blog.

Kurier || Reference || https://kurier.at/meinung/hygiene-leben-wir-brauchen-endlich-bessere-daten/401113653
Also the Austrian Print Media recognizing us. Here is an online article inside the Kurier of November, 30th, 2020.

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